Mental Health Data Alliance


Many of the resources developed by the Mental Health Data Alliance under contracts with our clients are made publicly available to stakeholders. Resources include tools, user manuals, data dictionaries, computer-based training, and public reports. These resources have been organized by project sponsor and then by project group. After selecting a link below to select a project group, links will be available to download the available resources. Please contact us with any questions.

FSP DCR Resources

The following resources are available for Full Service Partnership (FSP) Data Collection and Reporting (DCR) system and related projects.

FSP DCR System Training Resources

Provides a quick guide of the domains of information collected for the FSP.
This zip file contains *.PDF documents that are electronically fillable to allow users to fill out the PDF forms on a computer instead of manually hand-writing assessment information on paper forms.

Enhanced Partner-level Data (EPLD) Templates

*.zip file contains the EPLD Access Templates User Guide and SQL and Access versions of the templates.
This video provides training on the EPLD Templates to teach county and provider staff how to use the tool to generate reports as well as how to utilize and interpret the reports generated (11/14/2019).
The following sample data is intended for use with the EPLD Access Templates and EPLD Excel Templates for training and demonstration purposes.
Examples of FSP Indicators Formulated from DCR Data.